Isogam, is a trade name of a type of ready anti-moisture and humidity insulator for covering the roof, pool and etc.which is preventing of penetration water. Pre-fabricated humidity insulator (Isogam), has composite structure include two layers of tissue and polyester which are saturated and impregnated with bitumen reinforced by S.B.S and A.P.P. polymers.

Superior features of Isogum are as follows:
1- Certified by Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran and supplied to market with B.P.P standard mark.
2- A Complete Insulator for building roof
3-It’s light weight avoids imposing additional load on the roof; reduce the human and financial losses resulting from probable risks such as earthquakes.
4-No need for snow removal.
5-Excellent resistant against heat and cold
6-High resistant against acids, toxic gases and U.V.ray.
7-Its application doesn’t lead to air pollution.
8-Instalation is quick and easy.
9-manufactured in various colors, covering, dimension and thickness according to costumers ‘ demand.
10-repair and restoration capability in every condition.
11-10 years long guarantee products.
12-5 years long insurance from Iran Company.

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