Type H isogum Roibam Sepand Delijan Shargh

flexible sheet of bituminous waterproofing of surfaces – two layers for temperate areas of type H

product Specifications

resistance: zero against cold and 100+ degrees against heat

bed type: non-woven fabric (glass fibers) + non-woven polyester

roll weight: at least 37 kg

thickness: at least 3.5 mm

roll length: 10 meters

roll width: 1 meter


Type C isogam roibam

flexible sheet of bitumen waterproofing surfaces – two layers for temperate areas type C.

product specifications

resistance: zero against cold and 90+ degrees against heat

bed type: non-woven fabric (glass fibers) + non-woven polyester

roll weight: at least 37 kg

thickness: at least 3.5 mm

roll length: 10 meters

Roll width: 1 meter



According to the standard requirements, the quality assurance of waterproofing is produced.

نصب عایق

Install insulation

For information on the installation method, refer to the installation standard of waterproofing.

سطوح قابل نصب

Installable surfaces

This product can be installed on concrete, metal, stone and brick surfaces.


Isogum waterproofing based on oxidized bitumen

This product is a prefabricated waterproofing based on oxidized bitumen, which is reinforced with a layer of fiberglass tissue (glass fiber felt) and a layer of non-woven polyester.

raw material

The raw materials used in the production of this insulation are produced in the isodezh isogum complex and in compliance with all standards.


In the production of this product, no recycled materials and wastes are used and the bitumen used in this insulation is a combination of petroleum bitumen produced by the country’s refineries as well as the refineries of the isodezh Izogam complex, which is produced with the formulation of this company.

Commodity guarantee

this product has a quality guarantee for 10 years.

life span

The longevity and reliability of this product have been proven after years of production in isodezh isogum factories and installation throughout the country.


wear safety equipment such as helmets, gloves and seat belts when installing insulation.

before installing the insulation, make sure that the work surface and the concrete of the structure are dry so that the insulation does not separate from the work surface after installation due to the evaporation of vapors from moisture evaporation.

after installing the insulation, if the construction operation continues, the insulation surface should be covered to prevent damage to the insulation.



This product is used in waterproofing of all building surfaces, including flat and sloping ceilings, walls, bathrooms and kitchens, foundations, swimming pools and fountains, etc.

Warehousing and maintenance

2- do not store in direct sunlight.

1- insulation rolls should be placed upright and on a smooth surface.

types of

1. Two simple layers: Simple two-layer isogum is suitable in cases where it is covered on insulation after installation.

2. Two-layer with aluminum foil coating: Aluminum foil coated isogum is used in cases where insulation without other coatings is installed and aluminum foil reflects the sun’s UV rays and also reduces heat absorption on the roof or wall of the building.