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The emergence of the isogum industry

man has always used various methods and materials to provide a safe and peaceful place to live in order to overcome atmospheric factors.
in iran, due to the climatic conditions and the abundance of oil resources, the conventional waterproofing system has been in use for several decades. advances in modern technology have made bitumen-based prefabricated insulation a suitable and inexpensive alternative to conventional methods due to its higher economic efficiency and longer service life. isogum is very practical and effective due to its no rot, very light weight, easy repair and resistance to factors such as water, moisture, heat, cold and UV rays of the sun.

isodezh fortress on the roofs

isodezh production group was established in 2000 with the aim of producing various types of waterproofing in accordance with modern world standards.
for environmental reasons, quality, ease of use and easy transportation, isodezh products are known as a superior substitute for gypsum and asphalt among competitors. it has also been able to pass all the stages of testing by the consumer and today, with a well-equipped laboratory, research and development unit, experienced experts, educated managers and specialists in the production of insulation with different applications, is in the category of the best waterproofing. take the lead from other similar products.

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Types of applications

for example: use in roofs without surface coverings, roofs with surface coverings, bridges, foundations of buildings, metal surfaces, roof tiles, parking lots, tunnels, toilets, balconies, swimming pools and water tanks, etc. are suitable and consumed.



1- Yazd Standard Office, 2- Tehran Mosque, 3- Ardakan Mosque of Yazd, 4- University of Tehran, 5- Meybod University of Yazd, 6- Kermanshah University, 7- Education buildings, 8- Ardakan Yazd Atomic Energy, 9- Conference building, 10- Valiasr garrison in Tehran, 11- Yazd health centers and ….


Foreign negotiations and meetings

isodezh Production Company is in contact with foreign countries in order to use new technology in the production of insulation and supply of the best raw materials. In this regard, negotiations have been held with some companies in Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Tajikistan, etc.



High tensile strength, high elasticity, dimensional stability, flexural bending in cold and suitable thermal stability of products, has made isodezh company suitable for use in a variety of climatic conditions. isodezh Company has succeeded in obtaining a standard seal for its products.

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